Africompassion is a faith based non – profit charity Organization based in Mwanza region and operating in Tanzania with NGO registration No: OONGO/R2/000332 and with Tax Identification Number 139-683-412.

The Africompassion vision begun in 2016 through Director Jerald Malamba. At first, it was known as a nonprofit Charity company and later became fully established in Tanzania mainland as a charity nonprofit making organization and got its official registration and recognition in 2019 under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children.

The main objective was to address the challenges facing the least privileged people, mostly poor children in Tanzania. The Africompassion’s programming in Tanzania is in response to poverty through economic, social and physical marginalization, mainly in rural areas of the country. We target vulnerable communities such as the extremely poor, women and children to provide assistance and opportunities for sustainable development.

With its unifying framework, Africompassion addresses the root causes of poverty by considering human conditions, social positions, and environment. In all strategic directions the organization’s programming is used to bring lasting change in the communities.

For more on how the organization came to existence please click… (Our History)