In Sub Saharan Africa, 22 million people live with HIV/AIDS, one child in five dies from malaria, one woman in sixteen dies during pregnancy or childbirth, and there are 750 thousand new cases of tuberculosis every year. Africompassion Tanzania works hard to end preventable deaths of women and children in the regions of its operations by creating a primary healthcare system that works for those who need it most. We do this by integrating community health workers and with the local health centers. 

The organization is seeking for collaboration with any willing organizations, friends, families and medical institutions to partner and create a sustainable approach to improve lives in these villages through medical aid, education, public health while promoting friendship across cultures. Through working together, we hope to bridge the healthcare gap by distributing medical supplies and equipment to underserved communities in the region

Africompassion Tanzania is in the process of building a medical clinic which will provide basic medical care for orphaned children, widows and those in the surrounding community who are ill due to lack of local medical care. The clinic will offer long-term medical support with help of a local nurse and physician and is anticipated to open early within 2020/2023 as God may provide funds for this project.

We also seek for medical mission partners who may bring health care professionals including trained physicians, physician assistants, trained nurses along-side doctors to provide surgical interventions for those in need of immediate surgery.