Jerald Malamba, the Africompassion Vision bearer, only knows his mother and his grand- mother as the only parents. He was raised by his maternal grandmother, his birth happened at a time when his mother was still a young school girl. Jerald’s mother had to drop her Education to get married at her younger not as usual. Having got un-expected bay boy who needed a continuous care, she forcefully got to an early marriage with the intention that this could be the only solution due to her then temporary situation. Unfortunately, the “second father,” ignored the baby and baby Jerald had to be taken to his grandmother who was at her 70s. Jerald was then transferred to an orphanage! Painfully, Jerald never had the opportunity to feel the love of his biological parents. His mother having got pregnant, and HIV/AIDS infected, she lost hope and never wanted to live with any so called a husband.

She left her second husband and moved to a nearby town and later died a young beautiful lady with a lost hope! Thanks to God Jerald wasn’t infected during his birth. Jerald has a great passion for progression and forward movement; and strives to empower and push each person he meets towards their destiny. Certainly, his second name is fitting, as many consider Malamba, African name meaning “Hope” and attest to the “Showers” of blessings they experience as a result of his wise counsel in the ministry.

He is a competent Visionary Leader, Professional administrator with verse knowledge in Mathematic, Biology and English literature. Jerald became trained as a Church- Planter with foundational Bible training. He is currently pursuing his Diploma in Human Resource Management with international Relations causes. Jerald was called into a full-time ministry in 2009, while working as an Educator at a Seminary School in Mwanza- Tanzania.

In January 2010, Jerald entered E3 partners’ ministry Tanzania where he helped to establish the then e3 Partners national youth program and worked as the country national youth Director before joining Engage Hope ministries in 2011 as a National Coordinator.

To begin his ministry pilgrimage, which has now spanned more than 8 years of effective leadership. He was first trained for two years and proved as a nonprofit making organizations programs’ consultant. Jerald got the opportunity to work with different National Churches and local government leaders, Schools and institutions around the regions of the Republic of Tanzania and beyond the Tanzanian boarder.

While in Uganda as an Educational Consultant with Master Cares Ministries, the Lord gave him incredible opportunities in the ministry. Together with other trusted posts, he was promoted to be the ministry signatory while serving as Educational superintendent. Jerald being the key founder and the Executive Director at Africompasion Organization, he carries the responsibility for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.