We believe that a mission trip should be as impactful for the team members who come to work with Africompassion team as it is for those who we seek to serve. The partnership should not be just for the week or so of the actual mission, but it should be for a deeper relationship with God for everyone as that is the ultimate goal! The mission trip program drives the structure of Africompassion field outreach, from preparation through continued connection and encouragement towards local ministry partners.

All missions will include evangelism, prayer ministry, and work with national partners in different projects. The specific projects will vary based on the location and particular trip focus. These details will be clearly presented so any potential volunteer can select the mission that fits the desire.

Africompassion wants its trips to be relaxing and fun! There will be organized SAFARIS with opportunities to see the area and experience local culture, and in addition, we will offer optional excursions after the mission is concluded for those who are interested.