As the saying goes, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Based on this wisdom, at Africompassion, we believe in the empowering people to take charge of their destiny. The village Banking Program provides an opportunity to members to access small loans at a very low interest rate which they use to start or improve their small businesses.

Members are solely responsible for the management of the bank and Africompassion provide mobilization and supervision for smooth operation. The program has reached 30 members including women and men divided into three groups. The program also includes a reserve as emergence fund for members.

In addition, our entrepreneurship and business skills trainings provide them with the basic entrepreneurship skills and business literacy that helps them to use their borrowed funds efficiently.

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  • Seed Loans/Food Security

Africonpassion Rural Farming project Fund purchases seeds from local farmers who have produces in abundance. In doing so, we support the local farmers to earn income from their produce at a fair market price. Africompassion in turn donates the seeds to poor families, widows and orphans’ homes so they can grow enough produce for food and sale off the surplus to earn some income.

At the end of the season considering how the harvest turns out, the families who received see donations are expected to give back a portion of their harvest to Africompassion. We then re-distribute these seeds to other needy families. Through encouraging the spirit of giving back, the program becomes self-sustaining and create a long-sustained impact in the lives of many families in rural areas.