Visit the Africompassion Projects

If you are already travelling to Tanzania, or on your way to climb the mountain Kilimanjaro, See the big five in Serengeti Game-park or just visit the great rift valley crater at Ngorongoro, even if you are thinking about planning some travel why not visit the project to see how the needy children live, where they go to school and maybe if you are lucky the children will do some traditional African dancing and singing for you!

Volunteering at the projects is a wonderful and rewarding way to contribute to the wellbeing of the needy children. You get to experience first-hand the lives of the needy children and at the same time help them.

There are so many ways to become engaged with the project. Writing a letter to a needy child helps it to understand that people around the world are interested in their well-being. The older children will be able to practice reading and writing English and may even be able to teach about their communities, history and culture and also some of their languages.